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Green Leaf is a premier medical cannabis health center for Illinois residents in search of alternative pathways to healthier living. We vow to assist our patients throughout the entire process; from the moment a patient books an online appointment with our telehealth system to the moment they receive their certifications for medical cannabis.

Our state-certified cannabis doctors work effortlessly to ensure our patients live happier and healthier lives. Schedule an appointment online for more information about getting certified for a medical cannabis treatment plan.

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Dr. Wilkins

MD - Family Medicine
Dr. Wilkins is a Family Practice Specialist in Illinois. She graduated with honors in 2015. Having more than 4 years of diverse experiences, especially in FAMILY PRACTICE.

Qualifying Conditions for a Medical Card

Qualifying medical conditions for medical card under the Illinois state law that are eligible for a medical recommendation are:
Agitation of Alzheimer’s Disease
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
Arnold-Chiari Malformation
Cachexia/Wasting Syndrome
Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy
Crohn’s Disease
Chronic Pain
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome – Type II (CRPS II)
Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome
Fibrous Dysplasia
Hepatitis C
Interstitial Cystitis
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
Muscular Dystrophy
Myasthenia Gravis
Nail-Patella Syndrome
Neuro-Behcet’s Autoimmune Disease
Opioid Dependence
Parkinson’s Disease
Polycystic Kidney Disease
Post-Concussion Syndrome
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy
Residual Limb Pain
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Seizures (Including those characteristic of Epilepsy)
Severe Fibromyalgia
Sjogren’s syndrome
Superior Canal Dehiscence Syndrome
Spinal Cord Disease (Including but not limited to Arachnoiditis)
Spinal Cord Injury (Damage to the nervous tissue of the spinal cord with objective neurological indication of intractable spasticity)
Spinocerebellar Ataxia
Tarlov Cysts
Terminal Illness
Tourette Syndrome
Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
Anorexia Nervosa
Chronic Pain
Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
Neuro-Behcet’s Autoimmune Disease
Polycystic Kidney Disease
Superior Canal Dehiscence Syndrome
Recent Legislation Changes

August 2019 – Governor J.B. Pritzker signed SB 455 expanding Illinois’ Medical Marijuana Program. This will become effective Jan 1, 2020. The pilot program, originally effective until 2020, has now been formally signed into a permanent program. The bills also added eleven (11) new qualifying conditions, expands the range of medical professionals who can certify qualified patients and expands Medical Marijuana access in schools.
In August 2018, Former Governor Bruce Rauner approved The Alternative to Opioids Act which allows patients to treat over 40 debilitating conditions with medical marijuana instead of opioids. The bill comes in reaction to the more than 72,000 lives lost due to fatal opioid overdoses in 2017.
As per Senate Bill 10, the Illinois pilot program scheduled to end January 2018, has effectively been extended to July 01, 2020. Additionally, two new medical conditions have also been added to the qualifying list of medical conditions: post-traumatic stress disorder; and patients with a terminal illness and prognosis of fewer than six months to live.
“The first medical cannabis dispensary opened for business in Illinois on November 9, 2015. A total of twenty dispensaries were licensed in Illinois by December 31, 2015”, Illinois Medical Cannabis Registry Pilot Program Mid-Year Report [Accessed March 01, 2016]
On April 18, 2014, the Department of Public Health released the revised preliminary rules, eliminating the restrictions on gun owners who may apply for a medical marijuana card. In addition, the application fees were reduced to $100 ($50 fee for eligible patients on Social Security Insurance and Social Security Disability Insurance, and veterans), and only $25 for caregivers.
On July 20, 2014, Governor Quinn signed Senate Bill 2636, amending the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Act to allow children under the age of 18, to be treated with non-smokable forms of medical marijuana, for the same qualifying conditions as outlined for adults. Underage patients require at least two doctor signatures and parents or guardians of the underage patient must serve as caregiver. Effective January 01, 2015, Senate Bill 2636, also added seizures, including those related to epilepsy, to the list of qualifying medical conditions.
On April 17, 2013, House Bill 1 was approved by the House 61-57, which was followed by the approval of the Senate 35-21, on May 17, 2013. Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, signed the bill into law on August 01, 2013, making it effective January 01, 2014.
Known as the “Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act”, HB 1 established a patient registry program, to protect the registered qualifying patients and their registered appointed caregivers, from “arrest, prosecution, or denial of any right or privilege”. It also includes provisions for cultivation centers and dispensing organizations.
On August 01, 2013, Governor Pat Quinn released a signing statement that outlines the key points of the law and stipulates that this is a four-year pilot program.
On January 21, 2014, the Department of Health released the draft proposed rules for public comment. Included in the proposal are rules that prohibit qualifying patients and caregivers “are NOT eligible for a Firearm Owners ID card, or a Firearm Concealed Carry License”, as well as instating an annual $150 application fee for all qualifying patients, and proposing a fingerprint-based criminal history background check.
The Illinois Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program states that physicians recommending medical marijuana may be doctors of medicine or osteopathy licensed under the Medical Practice Act of 1987. Qualifying physicians must have a current controlled substances license under the Illinois Controlled Substances Act (Article II).

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