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*Higher Possession Limits, Cultivation Limits And Purchase Limits 
There are strict limits on how much cannabis recreational customers can purchase, but many medical patients can typically buy larger quantities of cannabis compared to recreational buyers. With this rule, patients can stock up and ensure they have the medicine needed to address their medical condition(s). For example, in California medical patients can purchase up to 8 ounces a day, but recreational users can only purchase 1 ounce a day.

Different limitations also apply to medical cannabis card holders in comparison to recreational users for possession and home cultivation. Card holders are allowed to possess higher quantities and to grow more plants, depending on the marijuana laws in your state. For recreational cannabis in Nevada, users may possess 1 ounce of cannabis, while medical cannabis users can possess 2.5 ounces. In some states, only medical patients can grow at home while recreational cannabis users are not allowed to do so. Recreational users in Colorado may grow up to six plants (only three can be mature at once), while medical growers may request the ability to grow more than six plants.

Several medical and adult use states have adopted home cultivation laws. The measure allows people to produce their own medical cannabis and medical patients are allowed to grow additional plants or seedlings. The move ensures consumers have access, and it likely saves patients some money in the long run

*Save Money On Taxes

Having a medical marijuana card saves you money all year long and gets you lower prices in comparison with those who purchase recreational marijuana. Legal marijuana can be expensive, especially in the recreational market. After marijuana became legalized for recreational purposes in more states, taxes on the product also went up considerably. 

Medical cannabis patients can avoid much of the tax burden, saving at least 5-10% (and as much as 35% in a few states) on every purchase. More specifically, several states completely exempt the medical market from paying retail and excise taxes since your use is medical, not recreational.  

If you purchase cannabis regularly, you will end up spending more money in the long run if you don’t get your Medical Marijuana Card. Paying to get your card can effectively save you thousands of dollars throughout the year if you regularly purchase medical cannabis products. 

*Stronger Potency than Recreational Products 

Physicians can prescribe higher doses of cannabis to medical cardholders who demonstrate a need for a more substantial medicine. Medical marijuana patients also have access to cannabis that has higher potency levels compared to the marijuana sold for recreational purposes. Many retail shops selling cannabis for recreational purposes will always adhere to specific limits of potency as directed by their state. Some medical patients, especially those trying medical marijuana for the first time, may require higher potencies of THC or CBD for their symptoms as allowed by state law. 

In the state of California for instance, edible cannabis products can only contain 100mg of THC and lotions or tinctures are limited to 1000mg of THC. Medical marijuana dispensaries are given more leeway on this potency level, doubling the amount in lotions to 2000mg of THC. Some medical marijuana patients require varying degrees of potency to alleviate whatever medical condition they are looking to manage using cannabis, and recreational products may not always suffice.

If an adult-use consumer wants a substantial dose of cannabis, they’ll likely need to buy more products, thus driving costs up. That isn’t always the case with medical consumers, who often are granted higher purchasing allotments and/or can buy higher concentration products made for medical consumers. Depending on state law, these products may contain higher doses of THC per package and dose than can be found at recreational dispensaries. 

*Legal Protection

A medical cannabis card allows you to buy, possess and consume cannabis legally. Be ready to verify your qualifications. Like a driver’s license, you need your card to participate in the marketplace legally. If you fail to have your ID on hand, you may face legal consequences depending on your state. 

Some states that have legalized medical marijuana have special laws that help protect the people who hold medical marijuana cards. Proposition 215 in California exempts patients and caregivers who possess or cultivate marijuana for medical treatment recommended by a physician from criminal laws which otherwise prohibit possession or cultivation of marijuana.

Having a medical marijuana card can only help should you become legally implicated because of it. When you have a med card, you are backed by a licensed physician; you have the physician’s stamp of approval that supports the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. It can only help you when it comes to limitations regarding possession, cultivation, and purchasing cannabis, so why not apply for a medical marijuana card in your state? 

*Purchase and Possess In Other States 

Reciprocity is when one medical or adult use state accepts medical cards from other states – allowing visitors to receive their medicine while away from home. In states that offer reciprocity to your home state, you can possess and/or purchase medical cannabis there with your out-of-state medical marijuana card. So, if you’re traveling and need access or if you are going out of state to see a specialist, reciprocity might allow you to use your med card in another state. Always research the state you are traveling to make sure they will accept your out-of-state medical marijuana card.

*Lower Age Restrictions

In many states, minors can take part in the medical marijuana program with the consent of a parent or legal guardian. Most medical cannabis programs allow patients aged 18-years-old and younger as long as they meet all of the requirements. Minors taking part in the program are almost always required to register at least one MMJ caregiver on their behalf. Depending on the state, a caregiver can grow, buy, transport and administer cannabis to the patient. 

Final Thought 

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